Our Mission

We take great pride in building customer loyalty by listening to what our customers need, want and expect when shopping for quality office products. It is our goal to help our clients think about their workspace and how it relates to people, culture, process and technology.

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Your Experience

Your Experience

It is our job here at Shoreline Office Solutions to understand your company's work environment and to implement your ideas during pre-design and space planning. We can also create attractive designs per your project specifications. This will ensure your furniture decisions seamlessly integrate with your vision of your office space, brand and budget while keeping your project on its timeline to completion.

Global Sustainability

Here at Shoreline Office Solutions we take being a good environmental steward very serious. From helping our clients to create more sustainable spaces, to our strong partnership with leading furniture industry leaders in LEED solutions, Shoreline Office Solutions is committed to offering greener products and services across all products that we sell. We live this commitment daily by employing our own internal sustainability initiatives we develop and implement in our daily work. 


These include recycling programs for paper and computers, consolidating our deliveries to be as efficient as possible, blanket wrapping product versus using products that won’t break down and building sustainability into our corporate mission. From our corporate policies and partnered vendors to the lifestyle choices we implement daily, our pride in providing sustainability choices is job one.

For many years, the vendors of the world promoted a linear value stream that focused on products and services with short/ linear life spans. It is our goal here at Shoreline Office Solutions to improve this paradigm into a circular value stream that includes products and services that are part of a circular, sustainable economy.  Making a shift to this holistic approach requires that all sustainable products and sourcing, the sharing of knowledge and services, continuous support and engagement of the community and with the accountability of our partnered sources we are all working together to make a cleaner and healthier environment.